Look for These Wings Restaurant Features Next Wednesday

May 23, 2017

 When searching for a wings restaurant, look for a restaurant with lots of options.

 When searching for a wings restaurant, look for a restaurant with lots of options.


It’s Wednesday afternoon, and you’ve just spent a long day in the office working through piles of backlog. When the day is finished, reward yourself with a trip to a wings restaurant that not only serves up some of the best wings in town, but amazing drinks and meal options. Before cruising over to the nearest pub offering wings, do a little research first.


Look for a Kelowna Pub with Drink Specials

If your planning a meal consisting entirely of wings, look for places to eat in Kelowna that also great drink specials too. If hot wings are your favourite choice, look for beer specials. If you prefer a more savoury wing, like maple bacon flavour, look for wine specials. Pairing wings with cheap drinks is the perfect way to stretch that well-deserved and hard-earned dollar.

If you’ve always wondered what your favourite menu item pairs well with which beer, check out our previous post: Kelowna Pub Tips: How to Pair Beer with Food Like a Pro


Choose a Restaurant with Fresh Menu Items

When choosing a pub on Wing Wednesday, pick one that also doubles as a farm-to-table restaurant. This way, you and your friends have a choice on whether to indulge on beautifully deep-fried wings or enjoy a healthier meal. You get all the flavour you want without having to worry that someone is not enjoying their meal.


Read the Reviews

A lot of information can be found in a short (or long) review. If you’re unsure of which sports bar to visit for food and fun, do a Google search and look for customer-written reviews. These reviews will give you a little insight into the pub’s atmosphere, customer service, menu items, and overall experience. Chances are, you’ll have as good as an experience as the person who wrote the review.


Check the Hours

Another good thing to look for in a pub is the hours. If you’re planning on spending a good chunk of the evening at one of the Kelowna pubs you’ve picked out, it’s important to make sure they’ll be open most of the evening. There’s nothing worse than enjoying the food, drinks, and company, and then having to leave before you’re ready because the pub is closing down for the night.


Check the Event Schedule

If you’re looking for a quieter establishment for more intimate conversation so you don’t have to yell over loud music and other patrons, do yourself a favour and take a look at the event schedule. A lot of times pubs will pair Karaoke or live music with wing nights. It’s a good idea to check the schedule in advance, so you know what to expect.


If you’re looking for a pub that offers farm-fresh menu items, amazing weekly specials, and some of the coldest beer in the valley, come and check out the 97 Street Pub. We have a great selection of local B.C. craft beer on tap, a casual atmosphere, and great service.


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