4 Reasons to Skip the Sun & Seek Out a Sports Bar Instead

August 17, 2017

Stopping in at a sports bar can be a great hideaway when you’ve had just a little too much Okanagan sun.

Stopping in at a sports bar can be a great hideaway when you’ve had just a little too much Okanagan sun.

 Yes, the Okanagan has plenty of sun and sand to enjoy during the summer months. There are also more than 200 wineries, 20 golf courses, and numerous beaches. However, sometimes it’s nice to just sit back and relax in one of the many Kelowna pubs.


If you’ve had your fill of the amazing amenities Kelowna is home to, it may be time to recharge and refresh. Here are four reasons why you should consider escaping the heat and sun and spend a little time in a Kelowna sports bar instead.


1. The Sports Bar Atmosphere 

When you first wander into a bar after spending the day bathing in the sunlight, it may take your eyes a minute to adjust. Once it does, you’ll feel the air conditioning slowly bring your body temperature back to normal, and your appetite will likely reappear as the mouth-watering scents from the kitchen float past your nose. The music or background sounds from the sports game will entice you, and the sounds of pints of beer clinking together will remind you of your thirst. It’s the perfect place for winding down after a busy sun-packed day. 


2. The Cold Beer

 There is nothing better than a cold pint of your favourite lager after spending the day sweating in the sun. Not only does it quench your thirst, that carbonated concoction can also cool you down. Plus, if you are lucky enough to wander in during happy hour, you’ll also get a cold pint for a super reasonable price.

For a little lesson in beer pairing, check out our previous post: Kelowna Pub Tips: How to Pair Beer with Food like a Pro.


3. The Appealing Menu

After a day on the lake, you’ve no doubt worked up an enormous appetite. Whether you’re ready to snack on appies until dinnertime or would prefer an entire meal instead, pubs are the ideal place to eat. If you want to continue enjoying the Okanagan experience, opt for a pub that offers fantastic fare made from locally sourced ingredients.


 4. The Welcoming Staff

There’s nothing quite like walking into a new pub and feeling like you’ve been a patron there for years. The warm smiles, the engaging conversations, and the attentiveness all go a long way in ensuring your dining experience is one of the best.

If you’re hunting for places to eat in the Kelowna area, search for a pub with excellent reviews online. Pay close attention to any reviews that mentions the staff. The pub of your choice should have friendly, attentive servers and bartenders, wonderful cooks in the back, and a manager that spends a lot of time on the floor talking to the guests.  


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