3 Reasons Why a Sports Bar is Good for the Health

November 09, 2017

Here are all the reasons why being a regular at a local sports bar is a good thing. 

Here are all the reasons why being a regular at a local sports bar is a good thing. 


With social media and smart technology pervading every aspect of our lives, getting out to Kelowna pubs regularly can be the break you’ve been looking for. Whether you choose to go solo and pull up a stool at the bar or meet up with a group of friends at your usual table, this seemingly innocuous experience can offer up big health and wellbeing benefits. 

Here’s how:


Make More Friends by Increasing Social Engagement

One of the biggest benefits of meeting up with friends at your favourite pub or restaurant in Kelowna regularly is a sense of community and belonging. As smartphones and social media allow us to interact with other members of the community from a distance, the act of physically meeting up with friends is good for the soul.

Face-to-face interactions can increase your mood, build your confidence, and help you feel more relaxed.

When you surround yourself with friendly faces, a warm and inviting atmosphere, and some of your favourite things (beer, amazing food, sports, etc.), a lot can happen. You may find you develop deeper binds with your companions due to your increased social engagement, or you may find you're more trusting of your surrounds and feel like you’ve found a place where you feel welcome and comfortable.


Develop Better Communication Skills

It should come as no surprise that there really is no substitute for interacting with people in a face-to-face environment. Digital conversations have the ability to be rehearsed, edited, and deleted. When you have the ability to censor your conversations, you lose the ability to think on the fly, communicate well, and be able to keep a conversation going. By visiting local restaurants and pubs, your communication skills will actually stay sharp.

 Imagine the great conversation to be had over a table full of fresh, steaming-hot chicken wings and cold beer. To help you find a place that can deliver a fantastic wing night in Kelowna, check out our previous post: Look for These Wings Restaurant Features Next Wednesday.


Get Relaxed at Kelowna Pubs

After a stressful day, there is no better activity in the world than relaxing at a cozy pub or restaurant. You can sit back, order what you’d like, and not have to worry about putting stuff away or washing dishes. It’s the perfect mental health break.

There are other benefits to think about too. Besides sipping on your favourite varietal, cocktail, or beer, you can indulge in food items that make you happy. Think: steaming comfort food on a particularly chilly winter day, especially after you’ve been driving on icy roads and dealing with backed up traffic.


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